How To Hang A Wreath On Your Front Door

So, you’ve purchased your first wreath and are amazed at how beautiful it looks! You take it out of the packaging and admire the flowers, colours, and decoration. It’s just what you wanted!

The only problem now is, how do you hang a wreath from your front door? This is a common question and it’s important to understand how to hang a wreath on your front door BEFORE making a purchase. You will most likely need additional accessories and there are considerations to make.

Below, we use our expert knowledge to explain 5 simple says to hang wreaths on front doors, or indeed from any door in your house! In no time you will be a wreath-hanging professional and will have your new purchase proudly displayed for everyone to admire.

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How To Hang A Wreath On Your Front Door

Considerations to Make Before Hanging Your Wreath

We advise taking time to plan how you want to hang the wreath, where it will go, and what you are hanging it from first.

This makes the process easier and ensures you get the most out of your Christmas wreaths or other seasonal wreaths. Important factors we discuss below include the size of your door, it’s color and style, and how you want the wreath to hang.

  • Measure your door before buying a wreath

    Buying a wreath without measuring your doors first could be a disaster. What if you buy a wreath that is too small and ends up looking lost in the centre of your huge door? On the flip side, you could always buy a wreath that looks way too big on your door!


    Knowing the proportions of your door is imperative to get the right-size wreath but also for hanging it. When you know the width, you can easily find the centre of your door, so it’s aligned properly when hung. Also look at any panels or sections the door has and measure them so you can make the wreath symmetrical.

  • Consider the colour of your door and how the wreath will complement it

    Wreaths come in a virtually limitless array of styles, colours, shapes, and sizes. You can get an Autumn wreath with golden foliage, or a spring wreath complete with blossoming flowers for example.

    Before you buy your wreath, think about the colour of your door and it’s style and how a wreath would complement it. For example, some flowers may work better while some colour combinations may be washed out against a bold door.

  • Think if you want the hanging accessory visible or hidden

    There are two ways you can hang a wreath – either with the hanging attachment showing, or with it hidden. This comes down to personal preference, but it makes a difference and can completely change the overall look of your door.

    If you use a ribbon or an over the door hanger, they will be visible and some people might not like this. In this instance, using a control strip, control hook, or magnetic hangers could be better option

5 Different Ways to Hang a Wreath on Your Front Door

The great thing about wreath hanging is that there are multiple methods so you can select the one that works best for your situation, wreath type, and door. We have listed five common methods below – none of which require any power tools and will not damage your doors.

1. Use the classic over-the-door hanger

The over-the-door hanger is the simplest method to use and is incredibly reliable. This is a ready-made metal or plastic device that has two hooks facing opposite directions connected by a strip of the same material.

It’s like an S-shape with a long middle section. The premise is simple – one hook slots over the top of your door and this should leave the other hook hanging nicely at the end of the strip facing outwards. From this you hang your wreath! 


  • Incredibly quick and convenient
  • Durable and reliable
  • Can be re-used indefinitely


  •  The over-the-door hanger is visible

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2. Try the simple ribbon and hook technique

Maybe you like the idea of the over-the-door hanger, but don’t want an ugly strip of material above your wreath. In this instance, using the ribbon and hook technique could be a great idea.

This method requires two accessories – a length of ribbon and an adhesive hook. First, you stick an adhesive hook to the rear of your door. Next, loop the ribbon through your wreath and then attach that to the hook. It should hang freely like the over-the-door hanger but the ribbon makes it look prettier 

When using this method, make sure that you measure the length of ribbon AFTER you have attached the adhesive hook. This allows you to get it hanging right without having to adjust the hook and potentially make multiple marks on your door.


  • The ribbon can complement the colours of the wreath
  • Still quite simple to set up
  • Flexibility in the hanging length


  • Adhesive hooks can leave stains on front doors
  • Not as strong as an over-the-door hanger


3. Door-knocker? Now it’s a wreath hanger

Depending on the design of your front door there may be something that you can simply hang the wreath from! Although door knockers are not as popular and trendy nowadays, they can still be found on doors and they make excellent hook substitutes.

If you have a knocker with a loop, you can use a small length of ribbon and tie this through your wreath and the loop to form a secure attachment. This also makes it quite funny when people try and use your door knocker and they have a wreath flapping around!

In a similar manner, letterboxes can be used, and you can pass a ribbon through this and secure it to the rear side of your door with an adhesive hook. The only downside here is that most letterboxes are located in the middle of doors so your wreath would hang quite low.


  • No hooks or adhesive required
  • Quick to set up
  • Can easily be adjusted with different ribbon lengths


  • The positioning might look strange depending on the knocker location
4. Non-metal door? Use magnetic wreath hangers

If you want a quick solution that can be quickly changed and removed when you no longer want to display your wreath, magnetic hangers are the best solution,

This hanging method is composed of two pieces – a magnet with a hook attached and a secondary magnet. The principle is simple – you place the magnet with hook on the front of your door, and then line up the secondary magnet at the back of the door so they stick together. When the magnets have locked, you can then hang a wreath from the hook.

This is an incredibly simple and smart solution; the only downside is that it can be fiddly to line the magnets up properly. The easiest way to sort this is to get help – two people can line the magnets in no time.


  • No adhesive or holes required
  • Excellent flexibility in the wreath positioning
  • Simple to remove


  • You may need two people to line the magnets up

How do you hang a wreath on a door without damaging the door?

Obviously you want to keep your front door looking fantastic, so drilling holes is a no no. Instead, you can hang a wreath using magnets, a over-the-door hanger, with ribbon, or simply using your door knocker to prevent damage. 

How do you hang a wreath on a door without hooks?

Hooks are incredibly useful for hanging a wreath but they are not essential. You can use command strips instead which are adhesive strips that stick to the rear base of your wreath. With several of these stuck to the wreath and your door a strong bond is formed and the wreath should stay put – no hooks needed! 

What should I use to hang a wreath on my door?

There are several methods to hang a wreath on your front door including command hooks, command strips, magnetic wreath hangers, from your door knocker, hooks, and ribbon.