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Summer is a time when the world is in full bloom and we can see plants, trees, and flowers in all their glory. They have flourished during Springtime and now the warm temperatures encourage growth and vitality. It’s a pleasant time when we can be outdoors and immerse ourselves in...

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Summer is a time when the world is in full bloom and we can see plants, trees, and flowers in all their glory. They have flourished during Springtime and now the warm temperatures encourage growth and vitality. It’s a pleasant time when we can be outdoors and immerse ourselves in nature.

Summer wreaths typically reflect this amazing splash of life and colour and are jam packed with flowers like daisies and sunflowers. This is also a time when fruit is dropping from orchards and bushes so many Summer wreaths have items like apricots, nectarines, and lemons either as whole fruits or dried slices. If you want to brighten your home and getting in the summer spirit, we have a brilliant range of wreaths waiting to be discovered.

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Summer Wreaths for Your Door

It’s the season many of us wait for all year – a time when we can switch our heating off, get outside, and work on our tan. Gardens look incredible with luscious lawns, vibrant flower beds, and trees bursting with green leaves. Birds are also out in flocks and make glorious songs for us in the morning and during feeding times. 

Summer wreaths therefore have the greatest potential for colour and variety. A common type of summer wreath is flower wreaths. During the summer many flowers bloom and attract bees and insects for their delicious nectar. The wreaths, as a result look monumental with a bright range of colours like red, yellow, blue, pink, and oranges.

Fruit-inspired wreaths are also common during the summer as this is a time when fruit trees and fruit-bearing bushes will share their bounty. Common fruits you may find on summer wreaths include grapefruit, lemons, limes, oranges, melons, and peaches. These are usually artificial and may feature miniature versions of the fruits as it’s not always practical to put real fruits on wreaths.


Other common items include sprigs of lavender, hydrangeas, grass, and green foliage. This gives an intense mix of colours to reflect the vibrancy of the summer months. Daisy and sunflower wreaths are incredibly popular too. You can get a wide range of daisy colours but the traditional white and yellow combination is the most prominent.


A summer wreath could make the perfect gift for someone who loves gardening. Alternatively, they make a superb centrepiece for a special occasion like a summer party. You may simply want to brighten your front door and have something beautiful to look at when you return home from work! Whatever the purpose, we have a brilliant range of real and artificial summer wreaths available plus important accessories like wreath hangers for your door.

How to Care for a Summer Wreath?

Summer wreaths are the trickiest to care for as they typically contain an abundance of greenery and natural items that will die, dry up, and wilt quicker in the hotter temperatures. As a result, you have to water your Summer wreath regularly.

Just use a small spray bottle to mist your wreath daily. You may even want to bring it indoors or place it in a cool area when temperatures are particularly hot. Depending on how the flowers and greenery lasts, you may also have to replace them and remove dead pieces to keep the overall appearance and glory your summer wreath.

How to Hang a Wreath?

Luckily, hanging your hydrangea wreath or summer wreath is the easiest job! We supply a brilliant range of magnetic wreath hangers and hook wreath hangers that make the job simple. Furthermore, these items mean you do not have to damage the surface of your door with screws.

Wreath hangers have a hook on each end in-between a metal strip. The top hook fits over the top of your door (make sure you measure the width of your door beforehand!) while the hook on the flip side is what you hang your wreath from. Magnetic hangers work in a similar manner but you just clamp a magnet each side of your door – the front one has a hook on and the magnetic force keeps them together.

How Long Will a Summer Wreath Last?

Typically fresh wreaths last between 3 to 8 weeks however for a Summer wreath it will probably be closer to the 3 week side due to the higher temperatures and dry weather. During the summer, wreaths with natural elements like flowers and foliage will dry out quicker and the items on them could wilt and die.

This is why it is important to water the wreaths regularly and to prune any dead items so that they keep their lustre and incredible look.

What Size Wreath Should I Buy?

The main premise is that you should leave a little bit of space each side of the wreath so that it isn’t overpowering or taking up too much room.

Therefore, simply measure the space where you want to hang it, find the overall width, and subtract 5-10 inches in total – this should be the diameter of your Summer wreath!

For example, let’s say that your front door is 30 inches wide – an ideal Summer wreath size would be 20-25 inches as it would leave 10-12.6 inches of space each side. On a side note, the average UK door width is 30 inches to save you time measuring!

Artificial vs Real

Before you select one of our incredible summer wreaths its important to know the difference between artificial and real products.

Real summer wreaths look better and have some amazing fragrances from the flowers and greenery. You just don’t get that with artificial wreaths. The drawback is that they do not last as long and require care and attention.

Although you don’t get the same vibrancy and fragrances with artificial wreaths, they have amazing longevity and you can simply hang them up and forget about them until the season is over! There is also no need to replace any of the artificial items on them as they should never get damaged.