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Christmas is a time of joy, happiness, giving, and laughter. It’s also a time when we need a little decoration and colour to chase away those winter blues. During this festive period many people decorate their homes and one of the most popular additions is a Christmas Wreath. These beautiful...

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Christmas is a time of joy, happiness, giving, and laughter. It’s also a time when we need a little decoration and colour to chase away those winter blues. During this festive period many people decorate their homes and one of the most popular additions is a Christmas Wreath.

These beautiful natural decorations can be bursting with foliage, holly, berries, pine needles, and other seasonal plants. There are also superb Christmas wreaths that make use of other traditional colours like black and gold, or have fun additions like snowflakes, glitter, and miniature presents. If this is something you want to brighten your home at Christmas, we have an incredible collection for you to browse.

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A Christmas Wreath for Your Front Door

Christmas comes in the middle of winter and it’s a time when the natural world has starkly changed. Trees and plants have lost much of their greenery and it’s only the durable pines that retain their iconic needles. Flowers are sparse but we are treated to stunning frosty mornings, landscapes covered with dew, icicles, and snow, and a bleak colour pallet that can be truly mesmerising with whites, greys, browns, and blacks.

Christmas wreaths in most instances try to inject a little colour and life into our homes. As a result, many of our products feature pine needles, ferns, winter foliage, and holly branches. You can also expect vibrant red and orange berries, and even things like tried orange slices.

Aside from the natural elements, many Christmas wreaths feature manmade objects appropriate for the season like miniature bells and presents, ribbons, glitter, and even tinsel. Some can serve as an extension to your Christmas tree and may even have festive fairy lights or candle lights attached. The possibilities are endless and you can easily find a Christmas wreath to suit your tastes – whether that is traditional, natural, or modern.

Some Christmas Wreaths use restrained colour pallets to a great effect. For example, you can get wreaths that emulate the colder winter weather and contain lighter greens, whites, and greys. Alternatively, some are much more colourful and feature silver and gold to represent the traditional stories behind Christmas like the three wise men.

Whether you want the challenge of maintaining a natural Christmas wreath or the simplicity and longevity of an artificial model we have them both!

How to Care for a Christmas Wreath?

To get the best out of your fantastic Christmas wreath it’s advisable to first wipe your door to remove any dust and debris. This ensures it won’t transfer to the wreath and make it look grubby.

Once you have hung it, consider tweaking the items to give it a fuller look and to make sure it doesn’t look flat. Regular watering is also essential to prevent the natural items from drying out. Ideally you should have a small spray bottle that you can use to mist the Christmas wreath daily.

If bad weather is expected it’s essential to protect your wreath too. If it is left out in heavy rain or wind, the natural pieces could get damaged or even break off completely.

How to Hang a Wreath?

If you don’t want to stick anything to your door and risk marking it, the best method is to use a hanging hook or magnets.

Hanging hooks fit over the top of your door and lock in place when your door is shut. On the front, a metal strip hangs down to the ideal position on your door and you can hang your Christmas wreath from the end.

Magnets do require a little more effort to use and you may need two people to install them. Basically, you place a magnet either side of the door and the magnetic attraction sticks them together through the door material. The front magnet then has a hook attached do it that you hang your Christmas wreath from, easy!

How Long Will a Christmas Wreath Last?

It is commonly known that Christmas wreaths (and indeed most types of fresh wreath using natural ingredients) will last for between 3 to 8 weeks providing that the proper care and storage is given. You should water the wreath if it contains natural items like foliage and berries and try not to expose it to too hot temperatures as this will dry out the items quicker (this shouldn’t be as much of an issue in the winter!).

Artificial wreaths last much longer and in theory can last indefinitely providing that you take care of them. The main point to consider for artificial Christmas wreaths is storage – try to store them in a padded container or wrapped up lightly so the individual items can’t get damaged and broken.

What Size Wreath Should I Buy?

Most people hang their Christmas wreaths on their front door and the average door size in the UK is 30 inches (in between the frame). Therefore, if this is your plan, a wreath with a diameter of 20-25 inches should fit perfectly and give you a symmetrical amount of space either side of your door.

It’s still prudent to measure your door first, or the wall space where you want to hang the Christmas wreath. All you need to do is subtract 5-10 inches from the measurement and you should get something that looks fantastic and fills the space aesthetically.

Artificial vs Real

Artificial Christmas wreaths are perfect if you want the splendour of the decoration but don’t want the hassle of maintaining the natural elements. They need to aftercare and should last for much longer. All you have to worry about is how to hang them and store them when not in use. The downside is that they don’t have that enthralling smell and they may not look as bright and enticing as the real thing.

In contrast, real Christmas wreaths need care and attention as you have to water them and replace items that die or lose their shine. Also, real wreaths don’t last as long and you can’t typically use them for multiple seasons. They look and smell incredible however and you can’t beat the realism of a real Christmas wreath.