Meet Andrea Hudson

Im the lead editor of blogs & guides at - Ive cultivated my decades of floristry & horticulture experience and turned them into a plethora of easy to digest articles. If you have any questions regarding any of the content on the site please drop me a message and ill gladly help guide you.

Florist for over 20 years from Lancashire, England.

Im your go-to boutique florist, merging passion with artistry to create floral compositions that go beyond the ordinary. Having been enchanted by the world of flora from an early age, my career as a boutique florist is the embodiment of a lifelong love affair with flowers. I believe that each flower has a story to tell, and my floral designs weave these narratives into unforgettable visual expressions.

With each arrangement, I strive to celebrate nature's inherent beauty while introducing my personal touch of creativity and sophistication. My boutique, 'Hudson & Thompson Flowers' is my canvas, where I play with textures, colours, and scents, and craft floral masterpieces that leave a lasting impression. Whether it's for a grand occasion or a simple, intimate moment, I am committed to bringing your vision to life with flowers that speak volumes. Welcome to my world, where every bloom whispers a tale.

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