Why Use Ribbon to Hang Your Wreath?

You may be wondering why you even need a ribbon for your wreath. Here’s the thing, you don’t NEED one, but ribbon can be an amazing accessory for your wreath and here’s why:

For extra decoration.

To complement existing color schemes.

As a hanging method.

Firstly, ribbons look great and if you create a cute bow, they just make your wreath look even more amazing. Building on this, ribbons can also enhance the color scheme of your wreath – for example, you could get a length of ribbon to match the colors of the flowers on your wreath.

Lastly, ribbons are a reliable hanging method and provide one of the quickest ways to hang a wreath on your door next to a command hook or wreath hanger.

Different Ways to Tie Ribbon For a Wreath

There are two main ways you can tie a ribbon on a wreath – creating a bow or using a simple hanging loop. The hanging loop is the easier option, and this is if you want the ribbon as a means to hang your wreath – not as decoration. Alternatively, creating a bow adds a little more style.

  • Method 1 – Tie a Bow With Your Ribbon

    Ribbon is incredibly versatile and flexible and it can easily be tied to create interesting shapes like bows. In fact, the bow is a great starting point and I recommend trying this out so you can get used to working with the material and size of the ribbon. The following steps allow you to make a simple bow complete with tails and hanging loop:

    1. Unroll a length of ribbon from your reel but don’t cut it.
    2. Pinch the ribbon around 8 inches from the end.
    3. Still holding the pinched section fold another section of 8 inches back to where your are pinching to form a loop.
    4. Holding the loop and pinched section and roll out a further 8 inches of ribbon.
    5. Fold this back to the middle section to create the second loop.
    6. You should now have two loops and two tails to create the bow.
    7. Use a piece of pipe cleaner or thin wreath wire to wrap around the pinched section to secure the bow.
    8. Unfold a length of ribbon from your reel the same length as the initial tail.
    9. Cut this to the same length as the other tail.
    10. If you want, you can make triangle cuts into the bottom of the tails for extra style.
    11. Secure your bow from the top of your wreath and loop a longer piece of hanging ribbon around the bow and the wreath base in a loop – this should secure the bow.

    This is the simplest bow you can make and once you have done it a few times you will get the hang of creating the loops and how to secure it properly to your wreath. I recommend practicing first and using a few lengths of ribbon to get the method right.

  • Method 2 – Tie A Simple Loop With Your Ribbon

    Ribbon can also be tied to create a simple loop that hangs around your wreath. This looks simpler than a ribbon bow, but the color and style still enhance your wreath’s overall look. Follow these steps to tie a ribbon on your wreath to create a simple hanging loop:

    1. Place your wreath on your door in the desired location and measure the distance to the top.
    2. With a measurement found, unfurl a length of ribbon from your reel to double that distance.
    3. Loop it around the top of your wreath carefully so you have two equal lengths hanging above.
    4. Cut the end still attached to the reel.
    5. Place the two ribbon ends on the top of your door and secure with tacks or drawing pins.
    6. Straighten the ribbon and titivate if needed.

    If you don’t want to make a bow, then this is the simplest method to tie a ribbon for your wreath to hang it from your door. Make sure that you don’t cut the length of ribbon before you have everything in place – this way you can make sure you don’t cut it too short.

Other Considerations for Using a Ribbon With a Wreath

As you can see, tying a ribbon on your wreath isn’t complicated but to make sure you get the best out of your ribbon there are a few snippets of advice I want to give too:

Use Ribbon to Decorate and Stylize Your Wreath Today

I hope you are now brimming with confidence and can see just what you can do with ribbon. Tying a ribbon to hang a wreath does take a little practice, but I promise once you have done it a few times it will become second nature to you. You can create a fantastic ribbon bow in a few minutes, and this can enhance your wreath and complement the ribbon that you are using to hang it. If you have ordered one of our fantastic natural wreaths, why not buy some ribbon and see how you can enhance or hang it?

How do you tie decorative ribbon?

The simplest way is to loop a length of ribbon around the top of your wreath so that you have two loose ends of equal length. You can then secure these lengths either by placing them on the top of your door and securing with tacks or looping them over the top of your door and securing with a command hook.

Does a ribbon obscure the wreath greenery?

It can a little and a bow will obscure some of the greenery. However, the main point is that ribbon can look superb and the different colors and patterns will only enhance the overall look of you wreath. Furthermore, if you use a ribbon bow this can add even more decoration.