Halloween Wreath Ideas

What Base to Use for a Halloween Wreath?

A simple wire frame is a great starting point for your Halloween wreath and from this you can have excellent customization. A grapevine base can work too, depending on the look you want to achieve. Some Halloween wreaths use twig or branch bases for a rustic appearance or even to emulate a broomstick.

What Colors Signify Halloween?

While Halloween is a time for dressing up in scary costumes, there are a handful of colors that have a strong association with this holiday. Some of these colors represent natural elements like pumpkins, whereas others are derived from the ethereal aspect of the holiday and the typical costumes and characters you see as decorations and during trick or treat outings:

  • Orange

  • Black

  • White

  • Purple

  • Green

The two most iconic Halloween wreath colors are obviously orange and black. Orange is one of the main colors of autumn, but it is also the color of pumpkins which are ripe for harvesting and used for carvings during this holiday.

Other colors often used include white for ghosts and ghouls, purple as a traditional color for witches, and greens to give the Halloween wreaths an ethereal style. Reds also feature prominently for Halloween characters like demons.

What Foliage is Best for Halloween Wreaths?

For Halloween wreaths you often get a similar range of foliage as used for autumn wreaths and the too often borrow features from each other. Therefore, you can expect to see fall leaves in an array of gorgeous colors. Other more unique foliage includes:

  • Black eucalyptus
  • Twig foliage
  • Mossy bark
  • Dried flowers and leaves

Black eucalyptus in particular can look incredible and complement your Halloween-themed decorations while other rustic foliage like twigs and mossy bark can add to the style and theming.

What Decorations Look Great on Halloween Wreaths?

Halloween wreaths feature some of the best decorations and they can be incredibly creative. Due to the large number of costumes and characters associated with this holiday, the designs are virtually limitless and decorations include:

  • Pumpkins

  • Ghosts

  • Witches' hats

  • Spiders

  • Bats

  • Codwebs

Miniature pumpkins or dried pumpkin pieces are really popular for Halloween wreaths and aside from that, the decorations are all characters or things associated with Halloween. This includes creative designs using ghosts, spiders, bats, cobwebs, witches, and ghouls, for example.