Christmas Wreath Ideas: Unique Designs for Festive Cheer

Christmas Wreath Ideas: Unique Designs for Festive Cheer

While most people think about Christmas trees, fairy lights, and inflatable snowmen, one of the most popular decorations during the festive season is the wreath. Christmas wreaths are traditionally hung from front doors, but they can be used throughout your home and many people hang them on their mantlepiece or even as a centrepiece for a dining table.

If you are looking to buy a wreath or create a DIY model this year why not try something different and think outside the box? Sure, you can go for a traditional wreath decked out with festive greenery, but I want to give you a range of Christmas wreath ideas below that can open your eyes to a new world of creativity! 

I’ve got everything from Nut wreaths and wreaths bursting with baubles, to advent wreaths and wreaths made only from Holly and Ivy – enjoy!

Important Considerations for Xmas Wreath Ideas

If you want to create your own DIY Christmas wreath idea, a great starting point is to do a little brainstorming and think about the things associated with the holidays. I usually write down ideas on different subjects including:

  • Color combinations.
  • Traditional plants and flowers.
  • Associated animals and birds.
  • Seasonal considerations.
  • Thematic considerations.

Using these subjects, I get a brilliant list of ideas that I can then transform into unique Christmas wreaths. For example, colours associated with Christmas include red, green, gold, silver, white, purple, and brown. Similarly, thematic ideas can include Christmas gifts, Advent, wildlife, and Christmas Dinner.

Think about these different subjects and how you could turn the ideas into a unique Christmas wreath!

9 Christmas Wreath Making Ideas for Festive Inspiration

Using my knowledge and love for the festive period I have create nine different Christmas wreath ideas you can gain inspiration from!

From the Garden – Vegetable-Inspired Christmas Wreath

One of the main things many people love about Christmas and the holidays is the amazing range of food we enjoy with the centrepiece being the Christmas dinner. A core component of this dinner whether you like it or not is the vegetables so why not pay homage to this and create a vegetable-inspired Christmas wreath?

Can you think of a vegetable that’s a decent size, round, and green? Yes, I’m talking about the fabled Brussel sprout! This vegetable will form the main core of your wreath and the aim is to create a thick ring of Brussels over a standard wreath base decked with festive greenery. You can add other common items found on your Christmas dinner plate such as turnips, swedes, and carrots to add a little contrasting colour!

It’s Alive – The Living Christmas Wreath

As I mentioned above, many Christmas wreath ideas revolve around the colour green so why not create something luscious and alive using succulents and other plants? This wreath keeps it simple and uses a muted colour pallet with various shades of green.

Something like this may not be as eye-catching as a popping Christmas wreath that uses reds, golds, and silver, but it pay homage to nature and the scents from the different succulents are fantastic. Plus, if you continue to water the wreath you can watch it grow as the festive season continues!

Give it a Shake – The Snow Globe Wreath

Most of us have owned a snow globe at some point as a kid. These amazing items usually contain a winter wonderland scene or something festive and when you shake them, artificial snow swirls around the glass creating a gorgeous Christmas display.

A fun Christmas wreath idea is to recreate a snowy scene and use an abundance of white items and colouration to mimic the swirling snow. You can use a base of ferns, pine needles, and other winter greenery like Ivy and coat these with artificial snow spray. Add decorations like snowflakes and icicles and you have the makings of your own snow globe.

Drop From the Trees – Pinecone Christmas Wreath

Have you ever taken a walk through a forest during the winter? If so, I’m sure you have noticed the floor littered with a gorgeous array of pinecones, needles, and other debris. It’s something I associate with Christmas and pinecones of course fall from some types of Christmas trees!

Why not take those cones from the forest floor and give them a new home in an amazing wreath? This Christmas wreath idea is relatively simple and if you want you can just create a thick circle of pinecones fixed onto a traditional moss base. For a little variance, consider adding some fallen pine needles and other bracken you found on the forest floor during your walk!

Take From the Tree – Christmas Bauble Wreath

Most Christmas trees are decorated with an array of colourful baubles and because of their circular shape, they are a natural fit to use in Christmas wreath ideas. You can take three different approaches with your bauble wreath.

Firstly, you use only one coloured bauble such as silver or gold to create a subtle wreath. Secondly, you can pick two colours for your baubles such as gold and silver, or red and green. Lastly, you can go crazy and use a dazzling array of bauble colours to create a multi-coloured explosion.

The key is carefully fixing the baubles to the moss base. You can do this using moss pins – simply slide one peg of a moss pin through the hanging loop of the bauble and this allows you to secure it tightly to the moss without damaging the bauble.

Keep it Traditional – Holly and Ivy Christmas Wreath

If you think of one natural item at Christmas aside from the Christmas tree, I bet that most people immediately think of Holly and Ivy. These two items are synonymous with the festive season and there is even a well-known Christmas hymn based on these plants.

For those who prefer a more traditional wreath, why not make one only using these two iconic plants? English Holly has the iconic red berries, while Ivy boasts appealing dark green leaves and twists and turns. You can easily thread the Ivy and Holly twigs/branches to create the circular shape of the wreath and the effect looks amazing.

Think of the Squirrels – Nut Wreath

Christmas wreaths don’t have to revolve solely around presents and decorations – don’t overlook the natural world and the animals that we see during the winter. The nut wreath plays on this theme as we commonly see squirrels foraging for nuts before they hibernate during this season. Also, nuts are often eaten as Christmas snacks!

Create a simple wreath frame using moss and gather a selection of nuts. You can usually get bags of mixed whole nuts during the festive season. Ideally you want bigger nuts like walnuts, Brazil nuts, and cashew nuts as they can fill the circular base better. The subtle array of browns make for a rustic Christmas wreath.

Match Santa’s Outfit – Red-Themed Christmas Wreath

I’m a big fan of single-colour wreaths and while some people find them boring, I think that they are eye-catching and you can get creative with the items you use in the wreath to fit the scheme. For Christmas, why not create a red-themed wreath to pay homage to Santa?

Items you can add to the wreath include holly berries, ribbon, red apples, red baubles, red tinsel, and red garlands. You can still, of course, use a green wreath base, but ideally, the red items should obscure the base so that the dominant colour is visible.

Create a simple wreath frame using moss and gather a selection of nuts. You can usually get bags of mixed whole nuts during the festive season. Ideally you want bigger nuts like walnuts, Brazil nuts, and cashew nuts as they can fill the circular base better. The subtle array of browns make for a rustic Christmas wreath.

For the Children – Advent Christmas Wreath

At Christmas I always look forward to getting an advent calendar from my parents despite being in my 30s and I will always remember opening the doors each day as a kid. Why not give your kids something different this festive season and create an advent Christmas wreath?

As far as Christmas wreath ideas go, this one is pretty creative! The premise is simple – create a wreath and decorate it with 24 small treats or chocolates – you could even wrap them and decorate each one with a different number to represent the date. The 25th item can be something more special like a big chocolate or even a small gift!

Your kids can then have fun finding the treat each day! In terms of decoration, you can go with whatever you want here – the main point is the advent treats.

Bring Your Home to Life With These Gorgeous Christmas Wreath Ideas

I hope you have found this article on Christmas wreath ideas inspiring! As you can see, you can get incredibly creative with your wreath designs and the holiday season gives you so many possibilities to work with.

Whether you want to give your children a different holiday experience and create an advent calendar wreath or make use of spare baubles to create a bauble wreath, I urge you to expand your horizons this Christmas and try some of these epic Christmas wreath ideas!

Can you make a Christmas wreath using baubles?

Yes! Christmas bauble wreaths look amazing, and they are some of the most colourful and creative wreaths available. You can go all out with your colour choices or keep it subtle and use a single colour of bauble, or two colours like silver and gold.

What are traditional plants to use for a Christmas wreath?

Holly and Ivy are two of the most popular plants associated with Christmas. Other notable mentions include pine trees, pinecones, succulents, eucalyptus, mistletoe, Belladonna, Poinsettia, and even the Christmas cactus!

What colours are associated with Christmas wreaths?

When we think of Christmas, several colours spring to mind including red, green, white, gold, silver, and brown. Purple is also a colour associated with Christmas that can be overlooked. Red and green represents berries, Santa, and plants, while gold and silver is often associated with Jesus and the three wise men.

What colours combinations work well for Christmas wreath ideas?

Red and green is the traditional colour scheme for Christmas wreaths but I also like the alternative combination of silver and gold.